C-Armor®: Help Keep the Sterile Field Sterile- Get Your FREE Sample!

Protecting patients from the risk of contamination during surgical procedures is a top priority for today’s caregivers, who seek solutions that preserve and maintain sterility while easing workflow.


Effective sterility maintenance:
Adhere the C-Armor drape above the sterile field line to help maintain the sterile field
Help reduce the risk of contamination with five-sided coverage of equipment introduced
to the sterile field

Ease of use:
Attach and detach the C-Armor drape simply and quickly during procedures with the
fastener tabs
Allow for multiple rotations with a single drape due to an innovative design
Reposition the drape easily, as the C-arm rotates, with a patented inverted pouch design

Help promote procedural standardization by using only one barrier per procedure
Reduce the need for excess materials, steps and workflow changes

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