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Gloves and masks are typically available to healthcare workers at the point-of-care, where the need for personal protective equipment (PPE) is often most critical.

Unfortunately, the same level of urgent and immediate access to eye protection isn’t always provided, despite recently published data indicating that more than 71% of reported blood and body fluid exposures during 2020 were to the eyes.*

The same publication also indicates that more than one-third of blood and body fluid exposures took place in the patient room or on the ward.*

To combat this problem, the TIDIShield® Grab ‘n Go™ Eyewear Tower offers convenient, ready access to preassembled protective eyewear wherever and whenever it’s needed most.

The pre-loaded TIDIShield Grab ‘n Go Eyewear Tower eliminates the time-consuming tasks of locating, putting together, and cleaning protective eyewear prior to use, chores that can discourage busy healthcare professionals from donning this critical form of PPE.
  • The patented, gravity-fed tower quickly and reliably dispenses preassembled, disposable Grab ‘n Go Protective Eyewear to mitigate contamination from splashes and splatter.
  • The tower-style dispenser can be placed on a shelf, countertop, table, stand, or cart, encouraging consistent use and promoting compliance with safety protocols.
  • The tower’s Grab ‘n Go Eye Shields utilize optical-grade lenses with lightweight frames that come in single or multiple colors (the availability of colors may vary due to high demand).

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*EPINet Report for Blood and Body Fluid Exposures, Official 2020 US Summary v2. International Safety Center, 2021. Accessed online: December 2021.

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