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Left uncovered, it can take as little as 30 minutes for opened sterile instrument trays to become contaminated in the operating room.*
The Sterile-Z® Back Table Cover was created to follow AORN’s recommendations for protecting sterile fields during delays, double setups, pre-incision, positioning, clean closures, or increased activities.

Recent changes to the Sterile-Z Back Table Cover now make protecting sterile fields even easier and more intuitive for nurses and OR staff, potentially freeing up time for these frontline medical professionals to perform other critical tasks.
TIDI has updated the Sterile-Z Back Table Cover in the following ways:
  • Simplified the folding to mimic standard surgical back table cover folds
  • Added blue-colored handles to simplify the removal process by illustrating proper hand placement
  • Included a QR code to offer ready access to an instructional video

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*Dalstrom DJ, Venkatarayappa I, Manternach AL, Palcic MS, Heyse BA, Prayson MJ. Time-dependent contamination of opened sterile operating-room trays. J Bone Joint Surg Am2008;9(5):1022-1025.

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