TIDI Products Improves Design Utility of Posey Twice-As-Tough Restraint Cuffs

TIDI Products
Jun 20, 2022 8:00:00 AM

You told us what you need. We listened.

In response to helpful feedback received from healthcare providers, TIDI Products has updated the design of our Posey® Twice-As-Tough® Restraint Cuffs.

The enhanced Twice-As-Tough design addresses two rapidly emerging needs in the field: 

  • Increased cuff lengths to accommodate a broader segment of the U.S. adult population by size (95%)* 
  • Increased strap lengths to provide improved compatibility with a wide variety of the latest bed models and box-bed restraint points found in today’s growing behavioral health units 

To see the new cuff/strap lengths for Twice-As-Tough products, please click here.

Used to protect patients, Twice-As-Tough Restraint Cuffs are designed to limit the movement of limbs in patients assessed to be at risk of disrupting life-saving treatment, line or tube pulling, exacerbating skin conditions, self-injury, or compromising wound site integrity.

*Data on file.