Innovative Medical Products for Ambulatory Surgery Centers

We know you’re committed to running an efficient facility focused on achieving the best possible clinical and patient outcomes.

That’s why we’re committed to offering medical products that can help you improve the patient-provider experience, optimize staff workflow, and reduce your cost of care.

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TIDI Products, LLC

Founded in 1969, TIDI Products’ steadfast mission is to support caregivers and protect patients. Our portfolio contains sought-after medical product brands including C-Armor, Sterile-Z, and TIDIShield.

Improve Patient-Provider Experience

User-friendly TIDI products help reduce risk and enhance compliance, allowing medical professionals to perform at their very best to ensure optimal patient protection. Just as patients place trust in their caregivers, caregivers place trust in our products.

Optimize Staff Workflow

We design and manufacture standardized product solutions for ASCs, hospitals, and healthcare systems across the nation. Our innovative, easy-to-use products are optimized to streamline workflow and help staff members utilize their time more efficiently.

Reduce Cost of Care

With simple instructions for use, TIDI medical products may be added quickly and easily to your facility’s risk-reduction protocols, serving to strengthen your efforts to reduce waste, ease margin pressures, and overcome challenges associated with staffing shortages.

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ASC Products from the TIDI Team