The TIDI Approach: 3 Factors That Improve Healthcare Facility Product Training

Jul 13, 2021 7:45:00 AM

Globally, healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) range anywhere from 3.5% to around 20%.1 The availability and quality of healthcare services and related data reporting largely explains the wide swing in percentages. However, that same disparity also underscores the prevalence of HAIs.

The World Health Organization (WHO) lists poor knowledge and application of basic infection control measures and a lack of procedures as among the top reasons for HAI occurrence.1 The deficiencies speak to the cause, of course, but they also speak to potential ways to manage HAIs, patient falls, and other risks.

Trusted product solutions and training are key. Better patient care begins with a commitment to both, and TIDI supports your efforts. Our comprehensive product education resources are timely, insightful, and available in a variety of formats to fit the needs of your healthcare facility.

Building on a Partnership

Strengthening the knowledge base of the entire team within a facility is a crucial and ongoing component of quality patient care. It’s also an important element of the TIDI partnership.

Helping you problem solve is best done from the inside out. We come alongside you to understand the needs of the facility, the challenges clinicians are facing, and how staff can best care for patients and their own welfare.

Identifying the solutions is twofold: there are the products, and tailored training that demonstrates how the chosen TIDI products mitigate risks like HAIs and patient falls. It’s a depth of understanding that only an experienced and fully engaged supplier pursues, and it leads to an efficient action plan for training.

Defining Product Training Processes

TIDI product training combines the practicalities of foundational education with expert problem-solving. It’s a unique approach owed largely to the level of knowledge and dedication of our Clinical Training Specialists, licensed Clinical Affairs Manager, territory managers, and sales staff.

On top of being current on products and processes, our team members understand the importance of a true training partnership. Support before, during, and after product training — including CE reassessments and updates — ensures a facility receives maximum benefits and positive clinical outcomes.

Balancing Process and Products

An outstanding and uniquely crafted product training process is just a process without product solutions that perform. 

It’s no wonder, then, that some of the most requested training revolves around popular and proven TIDI brands, including:

Pairing in-depth knowledge with product solutions that work is the easiest and most direct route to helping staff achieve professional and personal education goals.

Moreover, the approach ensures products are correctly used, helping to reduce risk of patient injury, contamination, and/or delays in surgery or OR schedules. It’s a win-win for healthcare facilities, and a growing necessity for consistent, quality patient care.

Supporting caregivers and protecting patients is the TIDI hallmark, and our product training demonstrates our core philosophy. Learn more about how we can help you train to gain. Click the button below to get started!



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