Using Dental X-Ray Sensor Sheaths To Help Prevent Contamination

Mar 18, 2022 9:41:04 AM

dental_bite_wing_x-ray_coversDental X-Ray Sensor Sheaths: Recommendations for Use 

According to guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) regarding infection control in dental healthcare settings, “Barrier protection of surfaces and equipment can prevent contamination of clinical contact surfaces but is particularly effective for those that are difficult to clean.”1

Correspondingly, manufacturers of dental x-ray sensors, dental curing lights, and intraoral cameras often recommend using a combination of disinfectants and barriers to maintain the cleanliness of their equipment. In the following two sections, we’ll look at how TIDI’s meticulously designed and stringently tested dental x-ray sensor covers benefit both patients and clinicians. 

X-Ray Sensor Sheaths: Beneficial for Dental Patients 

Single-use TIDIShield® X-Ray Sensor Sheaths have been engineered to provide a safe, effective barrier between the instrument and the patient. TIDI offers a variety of these sheaths, each of which is custom designed to fit a different x-ray sensor from a different manufacturer.


Made without any natural rubber latex, TIDIShield X-Ray Sensor Sheaths meet established standards on cytotoxicity (ISO 10993-5), skin irritation (ISO 10993-10), and sensitization (ISO 10993-10). Soft, rounded edges eliminate excess x-ray sensor sleeve material, helping ensure patient comfort.

X-Ray Sensor Sheaths: Beneficial for Dental Clinicians 

First and foremost, it’s important that dental clinicians obtain quality x-ray results. To this end, the polyethylene film TIDI manufactures for our dental x-ray sensor sheaths neither inhibits x-rays nor impedes sensor function. And because these sheaths are custom designed to fit specific x-ray sensors, it’s easy to insert the instrument into the barrier and maintain a good tactile grip during use. In other words, no more ill-fitting universal bags.

Furthermore, easy-to-peel individual wrapping provides efficient access to each TIDIShield sheath, protecting the barrier until time of use. The dental x-ray sensor sheaths, which have been rigorously tested to ensure no tears occur during normal application and use, help minimize the potential for bacteria buildup on the instrument.

Handheld Protective Barriers for the Dental Office 

The ability of dentists and dental hygienists to provide state-of-the-art oral care is increasingly dependent on the use of high-tech dental tools that can come into direct contact with patients, introducing a certain degree of contamination risk. That’s why in addition to Dental X-Ray Sensor Sheaths, we also offer a range of Dental Curing Light Sleeves and Dental Intra-Oral Camera Covers.

To facilitate optimal results, our curing light sleeves feature a SureCure Window™ with a precisely engineered polyethylene film that ensures LED light can reach the restoration. Our intra-oral camera covers, meanwhile, use a SureClear Window™ whose polyethylene film is made from a low-haze resin and is engineered to not distort images. Like our dental x-ray sensor sheaths, these curing light sleeves and intra-oral camera covers are custom designed to fit specific instruments from specific manufacturers.

Feel free to email customer service at, or call 1.800.521.1314, and let us know which TIDIShield protective barrier sample(s) you would like to try. Alternatively, if you prefer to be contacted by a local representative to make your sample request, please click here. 

1 Guidelines for Infection Control in Dental Health-Care Settings 2003. Centers for Disease Control MMWR Recommendations and Reports, 52(RR17);1-61.



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