5 Innovative Ways To Improve Operating Room Efficiency

Aug 5, 2021 8:00:00 AM

There are few places wherein time is more precious than in an operating room (OR). Teams must be prepared to expediently assist surgeons in all manner of issues in the OR and provide efficient, safe patient care.

Balancing weighty competing priorities requires strategic decisions around improving workflow. The products chosen for use in the OR must be as time-efficient as they are compliant, and protective — a hallmark of TIDI innovations.

Ease Workflows With Innovative, Efficient TIDI Products

Streamlining OR processes and systems using trusted TIDI brands introduces levels of confidence and inventiveness that lead to more satisfying surgical outcomes:

  1. C-Armor Drape eases workflow as the one-drape solution for maintaining the sterile field during procedures with multiple C-Arm swings. No time wasted in switching out multiple drapes or putting surgical sterility at risk

  2. Sterile-Z Covers are AORN-compliant solutions for covering back tables and Mayo stands during periods of surgical delay or increased activity. Reliable protection for these sterile fields, the covers eliminate the need for physical monitoring. Substantial time and cost savings are realized since nurses and other team members are made available to attend to skilled tasks

  3. TIDIShield Grab ‘n Go Eyewear Dispenser: The only patented gravity-fed dispenser to house pre-assembled eyewear at scrub sinks, Grab ‘n Go makes compliance with OR eye safety protocols convenient, sanitary, and fast

  4. TIDIShield Transport Containment Cover: Reduce OR turnover time with this quick solution for post-case back table containment. Wrap standard, long, or tall tables and ring stands in minutes without compromising patient or staff safety. The impermeable red cover with bio-hazardous symbols identifies contents and can hasten transport from surgical room to decontamination

  5. PenBlade Safety Scalpel: The intuitive push-button design offers one-hand blade engagement, retraction, and front release — efficiencies that optimize handling time and mitigate the risk of sharps injuries during handoffs between clinicians

Forward-thinking and practical, the innovative solutions in the TIDI product lineup are ideal for improving operating room efficiency. The proven brands are recognized for their performance and competitive pricing. Our nationwide network of sales reps can assist you in finding quantities that fit your needs — from per-piece to per-case for some products.

TIDI Academy: Helping Nurses Make Time for CE

Preparing nurses for next-level patient care is more than on-the-job training. In recognition of the demands placed on your staff’s time, TIDI Academy offers ongoing, free, approved continuing education opportunities for nurses to stay current in certifications. Online access means CE on their timetable, not that of a classroom schedule. It’s just one more way that TIDI supports caregivers and protects patients.

By nature, ORs are demanding environments. Make efficient use of time and talents by giving your team the best products to consistently execute streamlined workflows. Contact the TIDI team to discuss how to improve operating room efficiency and the solutions to help you deliver the highest quality surgical care.




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