A New Option for Personal Protective Equipment

TIDI Products
Aug 3, 2020 11:00:00 AM

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues nationally and worldwide, TIDI Products is committed to supporting those on the front lines, and has developed a new PPE option to help keep healthcare providers safe.

TIDI Products is now offering TIDIShield® Grab 'n Go™ Full-Length Face Shields, which fit over glasses or goggles, face masks, and N95 respirators.

"The Grab 'n Go Face Shields are produced in the United States and were designed with stability and comfort in mind," says Emina Muhamedagic, Eyewear & PPE Product Manager. "They include a foam band and provide anti-fog and splash protection without obstructing vision."

In addition to these new face shields, TIDI can also offer customers the option to purchase optical-grade, anti-static TIDIShield Assemble 'n Go™ Full-Length Face Shields and Visors, shields and visors sold separately.

"Throughout this pandemic, TIDI has sought to develop products that speak to our mission of 'Support Caregivers, Protect Patients,'" says Jennifer Jones, Vice President of Marketing. "By adding these full-length face shield options to our portfolio, we are able to give healthcare providers another level of support."

In July, TIDI also launched its PPE Preparedness Program, TIDI Protect™, to help ensure current and new customers have access to a consistent supply of PPE at a fixed cost during periods of increased demand.

For healthcare professionals and facilities interested in learning more about TIDI's PPE products, call the TIDI Customer Service Team at 800-521-1314 or visit www.tidiproducts.com/PPE.

TIDI® Products has a history of providing forward-looking solutions to healthcare professionals—solutions that help reduce the risk of contamination and deliver the highest-quality patient care. The TIDI Products portfolio of brands includes Posey®, C-Armor®, Sterile-Z®, PenBlade®, TIDIShield®, Grip-Lok®, and Zero-Gravity®. 

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