TIDI Increases Eyewear PPE Production to Meet Demand

TIDI Products
Jul 16, 2020 12:00:00 PM

As the country continues to experience a national PPE shortage, TIDI Products has ramped up production to meet the needs of healthcare providers on the front lines.

TIDI has been producing single-use, disposable eyewear, TIDIShield® Grab 'n Go™ Eyewear and Dispensers, since 2010, but has significantly increased capacity in response to caregivers' pressing needs.

"We're proud to say that since the beginning of this pandemic, TIDI has been able to support our customers' increased needs for eyewear, while also supporting new customers," says Jeff Hebbard, Vice President and Chief Operations Officer. "We are now poised to do more."

In July, TIDI will also launch a new PPE Preparedness Program, TIDI Protect, to help ensure current and new customers have access to a consistent supply of PPE, manufactured in North America, at a fixed cost during periods of increased demand.

"TIDI's mission is 'Support Caregivers, Protect Patients,'" says Dave Testa, SVP of Sales. "Through these enhanced production and supply efforts, we've been able to keep our commitment to doing just that."

TIDIShield Grab 'n Go Eyewear and Dispensers allow healthcare providers to place pre-assembled eyewear directly at the point of care.

"By making disposable eyewear more easily accessible, you can help increase eye safety product compliance in your facility," says Emina Muhamedagic, Eyewear & PPE Product Manager.

For healthcare professionals and facilities in need of single-use, disposable eyewear, call the TIDI Customer Service Team at 800-521-1314 to place an order today.

TIDI® Products has a history of providing forward-looking solutions to healthcare professionals—solutions that help reduce the risk of contamination and deliver the highest-quality patient care. The TIDI Products portfolio of brands includes Posey®, C-Armor®, Sterile-Z®, PenBlade®, TIDIShield®, Grip-Lok®, and Zero-Gravity®.

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