TIDI Products Introduces the Next Generation of Sterile-Z Surgical Back Table Covers!

TIDI Products
Nov 30, 2021 5:00:10 PM

We listened to your feedback and responded!
To further simplify the preparation and maintenance of sterile fields in the operating room, the New Product Development team at TIDI has redesigned our popular Sterile-Z® surgical back table covers!
The implementation of several design changes now makes covering sterile fields even easier and more intuitive for nurses and OR staff, potentially providing these front-line medical professionals additional time to perform other critical tasks.

We updated the Sterile-Z design in the following ways:

  • Simplified folding to mimic standard surgical back table cover folds
  • Improved visual and written instructions to make them easier to understand
  • Included QR code to provide ready access to an instructional video
  • Added blue-colored handles to simplify the removal process by illustrating proper hand placement

Suitable for draping over the sterile setup on surgical back tables and Mayo stands in the OR, Sterile-Z Covers help maintain sterile fields not only when deployed but during removal as well.

To request a sample of the new and improved Sterile-Z (standard size and XL available), please click here.

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