AquaGuard Shower Protection Products Are Now on the TIDI Website!

TIDI Products
Nov 9, 2021 7:00:00 AM

They’re here!

AquaGuard® sheet shower covers, arm shower sleeves, and leg shower sleeves have officially joined the TIDI Products family online…

Convenient AquaGuard products provide crucial moisture protection for wound, surgical, and vascular access sites during showers. Most patients can apply AquaGuard products without assistance from medical professionals.

AquaGuard Sheet Shower Covers are available in a range of sizes appropriate for the torso, arm, or leg. A specially designed adhesive is used to safeguard the area of concern throughout the showering process and allows the sheet to be gently removed afterward.

Meanwhile, in lieu of adhesive, the AquaGuard Glove® and AquaGuard Boot® use an ingenious Water-Seal Band® with a simple auto-locking buckle. These 34” arm-length shower gloves and 43” leg-length shower boots can also serve as orthopedic cast covers in the shower.

Made in the USA, AquaGuard products are gentle on skin, help reduce the risk of infection, and can help control costs. See for yourself why caregivers and patients have relied on AquaGuard single-use moisture barriers for more than a decade!