AquaGuard Glove

No more improvised, do-it-yourself solutions! The convenient AquaGuard Glove® keeps surgical sites, wounds, dressings, peripheral IV sites, PICC lines, and casts dry in the shower. The glove covers the hand, wrist, elbow, and arm and allows the patient to move their arm as they normally would while showering.

Product features:
     • Sleeve-style glove (34”) can be folded and trimmed
     • Made from waterproof material, uses no adhesives
     • Water-Seal Band® utilizes simple auto-locking buckle
     • Hypoallergenic, made without latex, contains no DEHP




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AquaGuard Glove

The AquaGuard Glove is a disposable, single-use product. Use each glove for one shower only. (The Water-Seal Band, however, can be reused by the same patient.) AquaGuard products are not suitable for swimming or full underwater submersion.
• AquaGuard Glove: Instructions for Use
  • Uses
    Unit Quantity
  • 50016-RBX
    PICC lines, peripheral IV sites, orthopedic casts, wounds, dressings, surgical sites
    Glove Length: 34 IN
    Band Circumference:
    Min: 22 IN Max: 23 IN
    1 Box
    Gloves: 75 EA
    Bands: 25 EA

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