Posey Wireless Chair Sensor Pad

The Posey® Wireless Chair Sensor Pad helps caregivers monitor fall risk patients who may attempt an unassisted chair exit. This sensor pad allows the chair to be placed anywhere in the room for patient comfort, regardless of the room’s layout, without using any long cords!

Optimized for ease of use and patient safety, the Wireless Chair Sensor Pad can be paired with the Posey On Cue® PRO Alarm quickly and simply. Compatibility with the Posey Wireless Nurse Call Adapter further enhances caregiver convenience.

Caregiver comments:
“We can place patient chairs anywhere in the room!”
“This will not only keep patients safe… it will improve outcomes.”
“Highly recommend the wireless device. More convenient and safe when patient is in [a] wheelchair.”
“Saved my patient from falling 5 times this shift. Would have not been comfortable with patient sitting in chair without pad.”


Posey Wireless Chair Sensor Pad

Wireless freedom with helpful features:

  • Tap-2-Pair® technology establishes wireless connection quickly and simply for caregiver ease of use
             ◦ Align and tap together the pairing icons located on the wireless devices
             ◦ Indicator light on Posey On Cue PRO Alarm turns blue to confirm pairing with wireless sensor pad
  • Simple instructions for use are printed directly on each wireless sensor pad to guide setup
  • No new trip hazards (cords to climb over) are introduced to room environment when setting up
  • Wireless sensor pad is intended for single-patient use up to 30 days

Recommended Use:
Fall risk patients attempting unassisted chair exits

• Posey
Wireless Chair Sensor Pad: Instructions for Use

  • Description
  • 8309WL
    Wireless Chair Sensor Pad for
    On Cue PRO Alarm
    13 IN x 13 IN
    On Cue PRO Alarm
    (8645WL and 8645WB)
    1 EA

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