Patient Restraints and Restraint Alternatives: Restraint Stationary Belt (for Chairs)

The Posey® Pelvic Soft Belt (Pelvic Holder) is designed for patients needing a reminder to call for assistance before exiting a wheelchair, for limiting unassisted exit and unwanted movement, or for patients requiring a positioning device for added safety or to assist medical treatment.


Posey Pelvic Soft Belt

This pelvic restraint is designed to not allow patients to self-release and is intended for use with patients who tend to slide down while seated in a wheelchair:

  • Securely attaches to a chair via ties
  • Soft foam padding and cotton straps
  • Compatible with plastic incontinence shield
  • Description
  • 4125C
    Pelvic Soft Belt (Single Strap with Tie End)
    Pad: 21" L x 4" W; Side Strap: 73" L; Pelvic Strap: 46" L; Waist Size: One Size Fits Most

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