Patient Restraints: Soft Limb Holders (Hook & Loop for Cuff Closure)

Posey® Soft Limb Holders, also known as Soft Limb Restraints, are designed to limit the movement of wrists and/or ankles in patients assessed to be at risk of disrupting life-saving treatment, pulling lines/tubes, exacerbating skin conditions, compromising wound site integrity, or self-injury. They are primarily used in medical (NVNSD) treatments.


The Soft Limb Holder on this page:

  • Uses a hook-and-loop fastener (press to apply, peel to release)
  • Is anchored via tie (compatibility with a broad range of beds/stretchers; secure connection; quick release)
  • Uses a double strap that allows you to decrease patient movement by attaching two straps at different anchor points on a bed/stretcher (i.e., triangulation) or enhance security by attaching two straps at the same anchor point on a bed/stretcher
  • Has a patient cuff made of cotton flannel (12” cuff circumference accommodates a wide range of patient ages and sizes; can be used on wrist or ankle)

Soft Limb Holder with Hook and Loop

  • Description
  • 2631
    Cotton Flannel Hook & Loop Cuff (Double Strap with Tie End)
    Cuff: 12" L x 4.25" W; Strap: 54.5" L

Sold by the pair. Accessories: Posey Universal Anchor Strap (SKU 2370).

Instructional Videos

CMS defines two different types of behavior that could warrant the use of restraint or seclusion: Non-Violent, Non-Self-Destructive (NVNSD) behavior and Violent, Self-Destructive (VSD) behavior;