Inventor Insights (Q&A): Easy-to-Use Back Table Cover Designed To Improve Perioperative Staff Efficiency

Feb 15, 2023 8:00:00 AM

Innovative Back Table Cover Brings Convenience to the Operating Room

In this article, we’ll be discussing the Sterile-Z® Back Table Cover with one of its inventors, Eric Strauch, PA-C, MMSc. The easy-to-use, transparent Sterile-Z Back Table Cover is a standardized, one-drape solution that incorporates an AORN-compliant removal process. 

Sterile-Z Back Table CoverSterile-Z Back Table Cover

TIDI manufactures three Sterile-Z products: the Sterile-Z Back Table Cover, the Sterile-Z Mayo Stand Cover, and the Sterile-Z Patient Drape. Each has been designed to reduce the risk of contamination while improving workflow. An ingenious Z-fold feature and simple, intuitive instructions for use (IFU) help medical professionals save time without compromising safety.

Questions & Answers

Alex Beier (TIDI Products): So, what are the primary advantages of using a back table cover?

Eric Strauch* (co-inventor of Sterile-Z): Many hospitals have realized that covering back tables can provide several advantages, including reduced risk of contamination of instrumentation ― a potential contributing factor to SSIs ― and enhanced efficiency.

AB: Are there any additional advantages that come with using this product?

ES: Yes. Temporarily covering the back table could allow nurses and/or scrub techs to leave the OR once the back table has been set up but before the patient has been brought into the room and the case has started. Nurses and/or scrub techs who ‘attend’ or simply observe a back table while waiting for the patient to be brought into the room cannot prevent contamination of a back table, whereas a temporary drape covering the back table can truly prevent contamination.

I’ve always believed that highly educated and intelligent OR nurses and scrub techs could spend their time more productively if not forced to ‘babysit’ the back table once it’s been set up with sterile equipment and prior to the patient being brought into the operating room.

If one were to add up all the minutes per day that nurses across the U.S. spend directly observing back tables in an empty OR [no patient in the room yet] and multiply that number of minutes by a typical OR nurse’s salary, the dollar amount would be very significant. Furthermore, the opportunity cost ― that is, the loss of potential gain from alternative uses of all those nurses’ time ― must be considered as well.

AB: Interesting point. What do you think this product’s impact on nurses and/or scrub techs could be?

ES: Allowing a nurse and/or scrub tech to leave the room after covering the table, before the case starts, could potentially both decrease the cost of and increase the efficiency of staff resources in a significant manner. Another benefit of nurses and/or scrub techs being able to take a break prior to the case starting could come in the form of enhanced job satisfaction ― a bit of freedom is always appreciated!

Z-fold technology maintains sterility during drape removalZ-fold technology maintains sterility during drape removal

AB: The surgical team’s job satisfaction could also benefit the surgeon, right?

ES: Exactly. The surgeon would be more content given the obvious advantages of having a consistent team throughout the surgical procedure rather than nurses and/or scrub techs taking breaks or needing to be temporarily ‘scrubbed out’ during the case.

AB: What do AORN recommendations say about directly observing the back table versus leaving it unattended?

ES: AORN recommendations effectively allow the individual hospital to weigh the risk versus benefit of ‘direct observation,’ and ultimately decide for themselves whether a nurse must remain in the OR and directly observe the back table versus cover the back table and then leave the room unattended ― perhaps with a sign on the door ― and go be more productive elsewhere.

Sterile-Z Back Table Cover XLSterile-Z Back Table Cover XL

AB: How does the Sterile-Z Back Table Cover compare to other products on the market?

ES: There’s no comparison. To the best of my knowledge, there simply isn’t another specialized drape system designed to temporarily cover back tables and facilitate AORN-compliant removal.

Why not try the Sterile-Z Back Table Cover in your OR? Request a free sample today!

*Eric Strauch is a paid consultant of TIDI Products, LLC.



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