Patient Restraints and Restraint Alternatives: Fitted Mattress Covers (Universal)

Posey® Fitted Mattress Covers offer a low-intervention solution for bed safety issues. Wedge-shaped foam sections line the perimeter of each of these fitted covers and help provide a less restrictive environment than side rails.


Fitted Mattress Covers (Universal)

Posey Fitted Mattress Covers provide the following features:

  • Straps attach via quick-release, two-point press buckles to easily secure mattress cover
  • 15” midsection openings for easy patient exit and entry
  • Zippers allow foam wedges to be removed for laundering
  • Wipe-clean nylon
  • Bariatric size available (SKU 5751)
  • Description
  • 5750
    Fitted Mattress Cover
    Fits Mattresses: 80" L x 6"-8" H x 34"-39" W; Side Pad: 29.5" L x 4" H x 5.75" W
  • 5751
    Fitted Mattress Cover (Bariatric)
    Fits Mattresses: 80"-86" L x 6"-10" H x 48" W; Side Pad: 31.5" L x 4.5" H x 6.5" W