Patient Restraints:
Twice-As-Tough Cuffs


Heavy-Duty restraint cuffs that lock

Posey® Twice-As-Tough® Cuffs (Locking) are designed to limit the movement of wrists and/or ankles in patients assessed to be at risk of disrupting life-saving treatment, pulling lines/tubes, exacerbating skin conditions, compromising wound site integrity, or self-injury. They are considered Hard Restraints and are primarily used in behavioral health (VSD) treatments.

A key lock on the anchor strap provides an extra measure of security when using these Twice-As-Tough heavy-duty restraint cuffs, which are designed and tested to be more than twice as strong* as our Soft Limb Holders while still being gentle on your patient’s skin.

The wrist and/or ankle restraints presented here are organized by closure method, as shown below.

Although a key lock is used on the anchor strap (regardless of cuff closure method), we also offer Non-Locking Twice-As-Tough Cuffs.


Key Lock for Cuff Closure (Locking Twice-As-Tough Cuffs)

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Buckle for Cuff Closure (Locking Twice-As-Tough Cuffs)

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D-Ring for Cuff Closure (Locking Twice-As-Tough Cuffs)

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Hook & Loop for Cuff Closure (Locking Twice-As-Tough Cuffs)

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Not sure which cuff closure method to select?

Key Lock for Cuff Closure: key lock on cuff provides yet another measure of security (the best choice for Locking Twice-As-Tough Cuffs)
Buckle for Cuff Closure: quick-release buckle for fast cuff application and release
D-Ring for Cuff Closure: comprises two metal rings
Hook & Loop for Cuff Closure: press to apply, peel to release


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*Data on file at TIDI Products, LLC.
†CMS defines two different types of behavior that could warrant the use of restraint or seclusion: Non-Violent, Non-Self-Destructive (NVNSD) behavior and Violent, Self-Destructive (VSD) behavior; www.cms.gov