Patient Restraints and Restraint Alternatives: Pediatric Mitts (Peek-A-Boo Medical Mitts)

Posey® Mitts are used to help protect patients who are prone to disrupting medical treatment or to self-harm. A mitt hinders picking and tube pulling. It is considered to be a less restrictive device that should be considered and tried before more restrictive methods are used.

Three sizes of Posey Peek-A-Boo® Mitts are available for use with infants, toddlers, and children.


Posey Peek-A-Boo Pediatric Mitts

Pediatric Peek-A-Boo Mitts feature the following:

  • Inspection flap that allows you to check your patient’s hand without removing the mitt
  • Fiber-filled padding on both sides of the mitt
  • Soft cloth that is gentle on patient’s skin
  • Hook-and-loop fastener (press to apply, peel to release)
  • Child-friendly “animal print” identifier
  • Description
    Anchor Strap
  • 2911S
    Cloth Infant Peek-A-Boo Mitt, Double Padded, Small
    Not Compatible
  • 2911M
    Cloth Toddler Peek-A-Boo Mitt, Double Padded, Medium
    Not Compatible
  • 2911L
    Cloth Youth Peek-A-Boo Mitt, Double Padded, Large
    Not Compatible

Sold by the pair. Mitts fit either hand.