Restraints and Restraint Alternatives

Patient-oriented, Caregiver-friendly safety solutions

Posey® Restraints and Restraint Alternatives are designed for use by professional caregivers in medical and behavioral health settings. To facilitate your search for safety solutions that will best meet your patients’ needs, we’ve organized these offerings into several distinct categories, as shown below.

Established in 1937, Posey, a TIDI Products brand, continues to lead the way in patient safety and caregiver support.

Diagram showing restraint options from least to most restrictive

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Limb Holders

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Limb Holders: Posey Limb Holders, also known as Limb Restraints, are designed to limit the movement of wrists and/or ankles in patients assessed to be at risk of disrupting life-saving treatment, pulling lines/tubes, exacerbating skin conditions, compromising wound site integrity, or self-injury.

 Mitt Restraints and Alternatives: Posey Mitts are used to help protect patients who are prone to disrupting medical treatment or to self-harm. A mitt hinders picking and tube pulling. It is considered to be a less restrictive device that should be considered and tried before more restrictive methods are used.

 Belt Restraints and Alternatives: Posey Belts are designed for patients needing a reminder to call for assistance before exiting a hospital bed or wheelchair, for limiting unassisted exit and unwanted movement, or for patients requiring a positioning device for added safety or to assist medical treatment.

 Bed Safety Products: Our selection of Bed Safety Products includes side rail pads, positioning wedges, and mattress covers. Each of these Posey devices is designed to be an extension of the hospital bed, promoting both patient safety and comfort.

 Sleeves: We offer two distinct Posey Sleeves safety products: (1) multipurpose sleeve devices designed to limit/minimize patient arm movements without the use of rigid splints and (2) sleeve-style protectors designed for patients requiring a protective layer over skin, IV sites, and/or dressings on the arm.

 Vest Restraints: Posey Vests are designed to help prevent unassisted wheelchair, bed, and stretcher exits. These sleeveless safety products feature a strap on both sides and are secured via quick-release buckles or ties.

 Posey Enclosure Bed and Bed Parts: The Posey Enclosure Bed is a complete bed system designed to provide a safe, controlled environment for patients at risk of injury from an unassisted bed exit. A replacement canopy and a transport cover are available for this bed.

 Accessories and Diversionary Products: Posey Accessories are designed specifically for use with select safety devices from our Restraints and Restraint Alternatives portfolio. Posey Diversionary Products are designed for patients with decreased cognitive function and/or requiring tactile stimulation.






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