Patient Restraints and Restraint Alternatives: Posey Belts for Chairs

patient belts for chair safety

The Posey® Belts presented in this section are compatible with wheelchairs, not hospital beds. (For belts that offer compatibility both with wheelchairs and hospital beds, see Bed/Chair Belts.)

These belts are designed for patients needing a reminder to call for assistance before exiting a wheelchair, for limiting unassisted exit and unwanted movement, or for patients requiring a positioning device for added safety or to assist medical treatment.

To suit patients’ needs, we offer a variety of belt sizes and materials. Self-releasing and restraint options are available, as are a variety of wheelchair connection options.

Self-Releasing Stationary Wraps (for Chairs)VIEW Products
Restraint Stationary Belt (for Chairs)VIEW Products

Not sure which Posey Belt to select?

Self-Releasing Stationary Wraps: Posey Wraps (also known as Wrap-Around Belts) are intended for use with patients who need a positioning device for added safety while seated in a wheelchair or chair. They are designed to not allow patients to roll from side to side. Hook-and-loop fasteners allow flap release positioning in front of the patient for self-release. Posey Torso Supports, which are intended for use with patients requiring upper torso postural support to help reduce tilting and leaning in a wheelchair or chair, are also available.

Restraint Stationary Belt: The Posey Pelvic Soft Belt is a foam-padded pelvic restraint intended for use with patients who tend to slide down while seated in a wheelchair. Designed to not allow patients to roll from side to side or to self-release, it securely attaches to a wheelchair via ties.



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